About Kristín

I wholeheartedly believe that each and every one of us add most value to this world by vulnerably embracing who we are - embracing our uniqueness, if you like. I firmly believe that the diversity of humanity exists for a reason, and that the key to many of the world's greatest challenges is to approach our differences with genuine curiosity and compassion, resulting in inclusion that provides safe space for everyone to be who they are. 

I have a high integrity living and leading by my core values: presence, vitality, authenticity, courage and compassion. I do it equally as a single mother and as a global business leader within digital technology and sustainability. To me, there is no clear distinction between work and leisure. Both orbit around creating meaningful value for people and planet, while being present with the people I love. 

Writing has always been my mean of making sense out of my thoughts.  This site is dedicated to my reflections from my daily life, but I find reflections a vital part of keeping sanity; to make grounded, ethical but brave decisions leading the way forward.

By sharing my reflections with the world I hope to be able to gain new perspectives, ideas and support from people who think differently, and hopefully inspire some to also live and lead being true to themselves. 

 Me and my daughter Perla Ísold. October 2016.

Me and my daughter Perla Ísold. October 2016.