Why I write (again)

I always start with the why. 

Why do I want to write (again)? 

There are few reasons, but the main reason is this: It keeps me grounded at the same time as it makes me grow. I write to understand as much as to be understood. 

Writing is my way of putting my thoughts into action and to better understand the story I tell myself to be my reality. And I feel that I will need that going forward, entering new and unexplored territories of my new role as a Sustainability Manager but also in my private life, being it parenting or relationships. 

I expect my writings to keep me present and close to my core values. I expect my writings to make sense out of my thoughts enabling me to challenge my own thoughts, actions and behaviour. I hope that my writings will challenge other people's thoughts and worldview, inspire and provoke, clarify and confuse. 

At the very core, I guess that I want my writings to create emotions. 

Going forward, I want to write out my thoughts every day for the next 30 days. Sometimes it may only be two lines. Sometimes, at least once a week, I want to write a longer reflection. After 30 days I will evaluate and see if to write is providing more balance or if it's more of a burden. 

So: welcome to my new platform where I will in a vulnerable and genuine way write out my thoughts and feelings.

PrivateKristin Grimsdottir