My Leadership Commitment

Tonight I got a reminded of how it all started 9 years ago and why conscious, compassionate and ethical leadership is so important to me. I had always been interested in why people do what they do, but there, on my 21st birthday 2008, my dedication towards understanding why leaders do what they do begun.

2008 it was the financial crisis. Tonight it was fall of the government due to an old child abuse case. In between, 2016, it was the Panama papers. 

I still wonder what they, the politicians in those cases, tell themselves about their perceived reality. What is their worldview? What's important to them? What are their values?

And I simply can't stand the excuse: "That's just how it is, get used to it."

I believe that we can lead differently. I believe that transparency, vulnerability and openness builds trust, and that trust is what builds societies and breaks down barriers. 

I'm committed to lead differently and show that we can lead a large group of people towards a common goal resulting in making every stakeholder better off: the business/the country, the people, the planet and oneself. 

This is not either or game. We are in this together, all of us.

LeadershipKristin Grimsdottir